Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Official Welcome

To the new reader of my Weblog or blog I bid a delighted greeting! At the time of this writing, this Weblog is brand new in the blogosphere, and I am overjoyed to be here. And in this case, "here," of course, meaning "at my desk, but not working."

Perhaps you are curious as to the title. Well, let me see if I can't decipher it for you. You see, this blog was titled "No One Appreciates Me" because no one appreciates me. Like, at all. Although I feel a little like Larry David must have (not that I'm comparing us) in that I am just waiting for the right project. Perhaps this is it. Perhaps not.

In any case, I feel like I'm a pretty funny and insightful guy. I have a habit of making myself laugh on the street - no foolin! And I'm not even crazy or anything. The subjects will be those of my own interest, in keeping with the modus operandi of the blogosphere in general. It will be largely a general running commentary on life and the people and situations I encounter, interspersed with various takes on sports, the media, books, music, movies, news, and so forth. I can promise in all seriousness that I'll never give an uninformed opinion.
So there you have it. Basically, I'm just going to throw some crap up here, and whatever sticks, sticks. If nothing does, I'll still have fun doing it, with the throwing and so forth.

So let the tomfoolery commence. We'll laugh, we'll cry, and maybe -- just maybe -- we'll learn a thing or two together as we incredulously ponder these funny, funny pictures as they whiz through the air. And by "air," of course, I mean "blogosphere." Air is so ten minutes ago. Good day to you.


FieryDamsel said...
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FieryDamsel said...

Oops - haven't quite gotten the hang of this whole posting comments thing. Quick summary of what was just deleted: Scott's blog is going to be the best ever...it's going to make us rich...we'll finally have our brownstone on 5th Ave.