Friday, December 01, 2006

The Office recap: "The Convict"

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I really enjoyed last night's episode of the office, titled "The Convict." Among the highlights were a partial return of the Jim-and-Pam dynamic which always makes for funny moments, some spot-on Michael Scott hijinks, and of course, minimal Dwight involvement. He's getting too crazy.

In this episode, the office finds out that one of the new employees from the closed Stamford branch is an ex-con. Michael is disappointed that the person in question turns out to be a black man.

"Why did it have to be such a stereotype?" Michael laments. "Why couldn't the criminal have been more new-age, like a white man who got arrested for polluting a black man's lake?"

Hilarious. Of course, Michael intervenes when no intervention is needed and mucks things up. This all culminates with him putting on a do-rag and pretending he's "Prison Mike," to convince people that their office is better than prison (some were temporarily certain that prison was preferable -- more outside time, better television set, etc.) The convict guy ends up quitting, which makes for two resignations in two weeks from the new Stamford employees. I sense a trend. My guess is that Jim is going to break up with the hot girl in the season finale, making her the final person to quit, thus bringing it back to the original cast. Although they might keep the Daily Show guy around -- his misguided attempts to get with Pam were hilarious, and he's a relatively big name.

Overall, very funny show after two relatively flat episodes. Hope they keep it rolling. Huzzah!

The Office Video [NBC]

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