Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dennis Green: Playoffs! PLAYOFFS?!?!?!

Prediction: the Chicago Bears -- that's right, the Bears, I know no one's talking about them -- may be playoff bound. No foolin! What a win for them last night. I don't usually blog about non-DC teams, but Jesus God.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Bears. Any questions?

And yes, I know the Cardinals let them off the hook (as Denny Green so eloquently put it after the game)
, and the Cardinals suck, and so on and so forth. Speaking of Green, though, what a performance last night. I expected him to pull off his mask to reveal that he was really Jon Chaney coming out of retirement. I'd put this rant right up there with Jim Mora's classic "PLAYOFFS!?!" and Herman Edwards' "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!" tirade. Here's the uncensored YouTube:

Regardless of the opponent, however, the Bears still won a football game even as their offense committed six turnovers and managed just a measly field goal. When your defense and special teams can score three touchdowns on anyone, that's pretty freakish. That's like a boxer who can stand on his head and fight you with his feet after his arms get tired. I don't care if he can only do it against 50-year-old sparring partners with the gout, it's still amazing. After all, they are who we thought they were. Just ask Denny.

Monday Night Miracle [Chicago Tribune]
Green Melts Down [MSNBC]

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