Friday, October 13, 2006

Recap of The Office, season 3 episode 4

(This is a Spoiler Warning. So you've been warned. If you want, watch the synopsis here.)

As you know, although I'm not a big TV show watcher (generally preferring to watch movies or sporting events),
The Office is easily my favorite program right now. But last night's episode...ehhhh, I don't know. Maybe my standards have become too high.

Michael's old boss dies unexpectedly, and Michael gets all upset because it reminds him of his own mortality and loneliness. As usual, he keeps fishing for attention, but no one gives it to him because he's a crazy self-centered loon. The funniest part of the episode for me was Michael and Dwight brainstorming the best way to honor the dead guy. It takes them about 30 seconds to decide on a robot. Hilarious.

Meanwhile, the writers continue to drive a wedge between Jim and Pam. Jim charms a French-speaking co-worker in Connecticut (who is hotter than Pam, by the way), while Pam's ex-fiance continues his quest to re-ingratiate himself to her, and "the new Jim" in the Scranton office, Ryan (played by B.J. Novak, one of the show's head writers and producers, although not so strong with the acting), is feeling Pam's sense of humor.

In my opinion, the rest of the episode was fairly unremarkable and ended on a rather strange note, with Michael insisting on holding a funeral for a dead bird and Pam delivering the eulogy and, er, singing. I didn't need that. But that's a big potential pitfall of this show -- Michael (and Dwight) being overplayed as characters and becoming downright crazy and no longer believable (see Homer Simpson). The other major pitfall being, of course, that this becomes the Jim and Pam sappy love story.

Anyway, looking forward to next week's episode. Dude! If they really want to make it good, they should have Jim ball his new co-worker, dude. Know what I'm saying? Although maybe that's more of a sweeps thing. Only time will tell.

Last night's two-minute video synopsis []

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The Dymond said...

My favorite scene was when Michael asks the workers to share stories of personal loss. Agreed about the bird funeral though.

Masterlock Jr. said...

damn straight - Jim should totally nail that hottie. She totally looks like the type of chick that would just go down on a dude.

MSH said...

She does indeed - it was the French speaking that gave it away.