Friday, October 20, 2006

Is this "Game 7" you speak of some kind of new lottery ticket?

Heard just a little tiny bit of talk about last night's Game 7 between the Mets and Cardinals, with a trip to the World Series on the line. All joking aside, with the exception of March Madness and maybe the World Cup, it really doesn't get any more [insert cliche here] than a Game 7.

I'll leave additional
dissection and philosophizing to the experts. I think the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Bryan Burwell said it best when he said:
So what does a Game 7 feel like? Just like this, frightening and delightful. Maddening and joyful. Frustrating and breathless all rolled into one.
Right. It was poetry in motion, a Michaelangelo painting, the Greatest Game Ever Played, etc. Okay, we've established that. No one will remember much of the game in a month after the Tigers have swept the Cardinals out and Terrell Owens has his next sideline hissy-fit, but no matter. One thing everyone will remember, undoubtedly, was that Endy Chavez catch. The very same Endy Chavez who was kicked off the Nationals because he had no work ethic and couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. Eh, whatever.

Whoa...did I actually catch it?

The catch was unbelievable though. Other than maybe a lottery drawing, there aren't many places outside of sports where you can watch a person make themselves millions of dollars in the span of four or five seconds, as Chavez did. Pretty good. Hope you enjoy your new contract prospects from the comfort of your couch.

I'm not sure who to root for in the World Series...I got no interest whatsoever in either team. Both are a good story, I guess. So maybe I'll just root for a good, clean series. Sportsmanship will be my battle cry!

Mets Finish in Unhappy Endy [NY Daily News]
Burwell: Game 7 is just what a Game 7 should be [St. Louis Post-Dispatch]

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Town E. Dispatch said...

i'm rooting for the tigers. because, if you look really closely, they're really the 1992 pittsburgh pirates. go leyland, lamot, van slyke and mcclendon. go get your ring. in detroit.

damn makes the bucs hiring jim tracy this year not seem like the best decision.

I.P. Daily said...

Despite the outcome of the game, Mets fans will always remember The Catch.

Endy! Endy! Endy! Endy!

Masterlock Jr. said...

that was an incredible catch. too bad the Muts couldn't do anything to capitalize on it. Muts blow.