Monday, October 16, 2006

Brunell long pass flies south for winter, craps on fans' cars

Well, the sky, like a Mark Brunell deep pass, is falling in Redskins land. And with reason -- after losing AT HOME to the previously winless and rebuilding Tennessee Titans, a team that hadn't won on the road in their last eight tries, the Redskins have now lost four of their last six. But hey, at least it's predictable. For any realistic Skins fan, it wasn't difficult (if not unpainful) to foresee this loss. After getting waxed by the Colts next week -- and they WILL get waxed -- the Skins will be right on schedule, firmly entrenched in step three of their usual season blueprint, with step four just around the corner.

Meanwhile, fans are booing and the media is gnashing its teeth. Mark Brunell looks as bad as any quarterback in the league. Did you see that last throw he made that got intercepted? Ugh. It hung up there like a balloon, and by the time it finally fell, there were four Titans around it. And it wasn't like that was some desperation hail mary either. There was at least a minute left. And don't get me started on the defense. Yeah, they're missing some guys, but still. How are you going to let Travis freaking Henry get his career high in your house? How? How? How does that happen? I'm just a stupid fan, so please enlighten me!

But anyway, take a look at some of the headlines below...they say it all.'s fall in Washington. Go Skins.

Redskins Home Alone [Washington Post]
Season is Slipping Away for Redskins [Washington Post]
Boswell: Season Appears to Have No Legs [Washington Post]
Redskins Defense is Failing to Hold Up [Washington Post]
This One Hurts [Washington Times]
Daly: A Loss That Just Stupefies [Washington Times]
Gimme An F For This D [Washington Times]

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Masterlock Jr. said...

at least you were wrong about the deadskins getting smoked by the Jags. right? huh? BTW, how was the cruise?

MSH said...

I was wrong indeed wrong about that - hey, thanks for bringing it up! Cruise was awesome, thx for asking...the tough thing about vacations though is that the more you do them, the more you want to do them. I need to forget about fun again and sink back below my haze of routine.