Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Autumn is a time for ponderings...and marshmallows

As the harvest is reapt and the light begins to die in the West, its golden beams as final fingers reaching to fare well the earth, I like to go camping. It's a fun time. Here are some delightful photographs of said camping weekend, out along the Potomac River in the fair Virginia countryside.

Yaarrrgh...it be the westernmost bank of the mighty Potomac. Truly a formidable and welcome sight for many a sea-farin' bilge munky!

The time was ripe for a little "leaf peeping," as going out to look at autumn foliage is apparently known. Although, to me that name sounds vaguely pornographic. I could imagine a lot of "leaf peeping" taking place at one of those decadent CEO yacht parties they have off the coast of Greece.

Dennis Kozlowski: Interested in a little leaf-peeping?

Young Greek waiter: But of course, sir. Meet me in fifteen minutes beneath the ice statue that pees vodka.

A delightful nature walk! I really do so enjoy nature walks.

And now, we relax by the ragin' campfire, to tell stories of our ancestors and reflect back upon the dying year. And eat marshmallows. And drink beer. And wine.

It was extremely fun...just thought I would share. Thanks to Scott for the photos!

Good day to you.


Town E. Dispatch said...

i must point out, as a god fearing and nature loving West Virginian, that 'nature walks', by nature, do not occur on two lane paved roads. thank you for your time.

MSH said...

Yeah, me and my city ways. I couldn't walk ten feet without a cosmo and my poodle! And my camping tent is L.L. Bean! Bet you didn't see that one coming.