Monday, November 21, 2005

Great minds...

One brief Redskins note...following their pitiful (and classically Redskins) defeat at home to Norv "Willie Loman" Turner and the Oakland Raiders yesterday, Michael Wilbon had this to say in his Monday column:

"And since the season is now 10 games old, there's only one thing to conclude at this point: The Redskins aren't very good."

Now, if you will indulge me, please refer to the headline of
my Oct. 31 blog post.

Great minds think alike, do they not? Or, in this case, they think verbatim. Michael, might I congratulate you on your astute observation? We are the opinion-makers -- colleagues, if I may be so bold. Hah, just kidding. But either way, everyone who said I was being overly pessimistic for calling the Skins what they are (and have been for the last 10+ years), you've now got Michael "Mr. PTI, Best Columnist In the Country" Wilbon to deal with. Sorry if the truth hurts. But it looks like it's official - The Redskins Aren't Very Good! Were that it were not so. But it's so. So very so.

That is all.


ombudsman said...

At least you didn't say I told you so.

MSH said...

I know...see, I'm thoughtful like that.