Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Guy Smiley is the best Muppet, and this is NOT up for discussion!

I don't understand why Weblogs always have to talk about The Hard-Hitting Issues Of The Day, or The Latest Tomfoolery Out Of Washington, or This Is All The Crap That I Hate. But hey, I'm going to follow the trend. Because I'm a follower. And that's why I'm telling you - not suggesting, but out-and-out telling - that Guy Smiley is obviously the best Muppet of them all, and that's that. End of story.

Here's Guy when it's show time:

Pressing the flesh:


A true American hero:

Presidential material?:

An unfortunate mugshot:

How can you not get down with Guy Smiley? That is what I ask you. He is the best Muppet, and if you do not agree with me, you're a stupid moron who is just totally wrong, and who needs to shut their stupid mouth, stupid. I'm glad we're all in agreement. Jerk.


frisbeebk said...

I will have to disagree with this blog. The Muppet that I love the most, due to his wonderful banter is


I relate to this character and also think that I resemble him as well.

MSH said...

I've got nothing against Beaker, but he's no Guy Smiley. How do you look like Beaker? You'd have to have wacky hair first.

FieryDamsel said...

Whatever. Nothing beats Fonzy Bear. Wacka Wacka!