Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Of Terrell Owens and Tim Kaine

Lots of interesting stuff going down this morning. I'll mimic the nightly news and start with the important items. Namely, Democrats Tim Kaine and Jon Corzine won the gubernatorial elections in Virginia (always a tough state to predict electorally) and New Jersey (usually staunchly Democrat), respectively. There's no question that these are big victories for the Democratic party. However, I'm not sure if I'm one of those people who sees this as a sign that the Republicans are ripe for the plucking, or whatever you want to say about it. I do think it is (or should be) a bit of a wake-up call for the White House, though. By all accounts, President Bush is in a "bunker mentality," and is essentially blaming all his problems on the media, staffers, Democrats, Patrick Fitzgerald, and basically everyone else but himself and his buddies. Hey George? Maybe it's time you took a look in the mirror and changed course a little bit instead of being so defiant and self-righteous all the time. Since it was the American people who elected you, shouldn't you be doing what they want you to do, rather than what you want them to want you to do? Doesn't it make perfect, unassailable sense, no matter what party you are in, that the President of the United States should stop taking five-week vacations in Texas and leaving ALL of the actual work to other people? How has Bush followed through on ANY of the initiatives he has personally created? Forget for a minute whether you think they are right or wrong. Look at the Iraq war, the Afghanistan conflict, the war on terror, relations with Europe, the Department of Homeland Security, Social Security reform, the Supreme Court nominations, the hurricanes, and the list goes on. Hasn't he basically fumbled every ball he's personally had to carry? Where you at, George? Be a president. Anyway, I think Tim Kaine will be a good governor for my home state of old Virginia. Even if he looks like Ray Liotta in "Goodfellas" during a bout of cocaine-fueled paranoia. He looks solid as rock. And by "solid as a rock," I mean "like he's sweating amphetamines."

Also, I would like to congratulate FORMER Philadelphia Eagles Wide Receiver Terrell Owens on his chickens coming home to roost. Lotta chickens there, T.O. He apologized, finally, to his coach and teammates yesterday (including a personal apology to Quarterback Donovan McNabb). Funny how he only felt compelled to do it when he saw his money flying out the door. Personally, I'm not afraid to say that I think Terrell Owens is an ass and is getting what he deserves. I'm sick of these fans and sportswriters who walk around all jaded, treating everyone else like they're naive, acting like no one else could last a minute "where they're from," and saying things like "look, okay? You have to understand that you have to judge T.O. by what he does on the field, not off the field." Well.....................why? Why, exactly, do I have to do that?

You never heard anyone say "Well, that Hitler, he sure was evil, but we have to judge him by all those impressive victories on the battlefield, not what he did off the battlefield." Obviously, clearly, Hitler is a million times worse than piddling Terrell Owens no matter how you slice it. But I think the point is clear. In the business world, you can be a great businessman, but nine times out of 10, if you're an ass, that's going to catch up with you. It's karma. Your chickens will come home to roost. You will reap what you sow. You will lie in the bed that you've made. There's a reason so many phrases exist for this phenomenon. And sorry, jaded sportswriter who spends more time practicing his on-camera smirk than formulating intelligent opinions, I'm judging people by their entire personality, not just by some narrow criteria you prescribe. It's my prerogative. Now go get your fu*kin shinebox.


Benoit Lapierre said...

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Your Blog is very interesting! Keep on going!
I will talk about it to my friends.

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ombudsman said...

It might not be that republicans are "ripe for the plucking," but I think it is a good sign that (as other people have noted) a democrat can run on faith and values in the south and not seem like a calculating, aloof fuck. I'm pointing that finger at you John Kerry. Not to mention Kaine's completely inconsistent position on the death penalty... The fact that he pulled that off without some sort windsurfing ad set to classical music coming back to haunt him is astoninishing. Faith-based flip-flopping is going to be all the rage come midterms.

MSH said...

Hello to my new Canadian friend...I'll keep going if you keep reading! ;) Actually, I'll probably keep going either way. But readers are very good. Thanks for the comment.

Boomslang said...

Terrel Owens is a worthless sack of shit. I'm glad I'm not the only one bitterly simmering in my dislike of this man.

All I get is, "but he's a really good receiver." And that is a useful skill how exactly?

MSH said...

Hey Slack! Welcome to my Weblog. Yeah, I definitely get tired of people telling me why I should or shouldn't like this or that guy. The guy's a jerk, okay? Why is that not grounds for me to dislike him? If someone came up and threw a drink in your face at a party, you wouldn't say "well, he just threw a drink in my face, but I really ought to just judge him on his fly outfit." It's just not reality.