Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Survey with Ann Curry reveals that everything is great, just great

According to a recent one-person survey with Today show news anchor Ann Curry, the state of the nation and the world was, is, and always will be just great.

There's plenty to smile about, Curry says.

"I am so inspired by all the great stories out there," Curry said. "Why, just yesterday, I was interviewing Reese Witherspoon? And I looked deep into her eyes and asked her 'how are you? Your millions of fans -- of which I am one -- care so much about you. So tell us, how are you, really?' And you know what? She looked me straight in the eyes and said, 'Ann Curry, news anchor of the Today show? I'm great.' Wow. I mean, WOW. What an inspiration!"

Curry did admit that there were some things that were, while still great, somewhat less great than other things that were a greater degree of great.

"Well, is the Iraq war perfect? No, of course not! Only a total sillyhead would think that. But in these circumstances, I'm always reminded of what Jennifer Aniston bravely shared with me and with our viewing audience after her painful breakup with Brad (who is also a good friend of the show, and in no way do I blame him for that situation). She said 'Sometimes, you just can't dwell on the negative.' And I completely agree. She's a true American hero.

Today show news anchor Ann Curry breaks another big news story.

"Also, I do feel that Paris Hilton's unfortunate plight has been less great," Curry continued. "Now, I love Paris, and I think she's just great, but her lifestyle has set -- inadvertently, of course, inadvertently -- a tiny bit of what could maybe be called by some a not-so-great precedent for our inspiringly great young women out there. Girls need to know that they can grow up to be anything. Even serious, big-time news journalists. You know. Like me."

Curry bristled, in a friendly way, at the notion that she was not a hard hitter in the media world.

"Now, what a funny concept! I have to just laugh at that, just because it's so amusing and great! If people had followed my work, they would know that I often take a hard stance. Like in my recent
travels to meet the children of Darfur, for example. I am firmly on record as saying that the slaughter of families and the recruitment of children into hellish shadow armies is maybe not a very nice thing to do. And you can check my record -- I've been very consistent on that point. But you know what message I came away with after my visit? It was a message of hope. That even in these terrible places, great things can happen! Those folks over in the Sudan, I think they're going to be just great."

Ann Curry questions authority: Ms. First Lady, is it
important for children to learn how to read?

"Everything is going to work out beautifully," she concluded. "If you want some negative nelly out there, talk to David Gregory. But as for me, I'm going to be great."

Today show news anchor Ann Curry [MSNBC]
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