Monday, May 07, 2007

The tale of Ganjaya

I'm a few days late on this, but there was news recently that Sanjaya's mother -- and best girlfriend, besides her older sister of course -- was busted for growing pot back in 2005. But just days after that news came out, she was photographed taking a bong rip at some party.

She looks just like her daughters.

Her real name is Blyth, but you know what I like to call her? What I like to call her is, I like to call her Ganjaya. Get it? Or how about this about BONGjaya?!?!? Man, that is sweet. Someone pull up a stool and put a bucket down in front of me. Because I'm paying OUT, baby!

Now, far be it from me to give someone a hard time for smoking pot. Pot is not heroin. There are many worse things a person can do than smoke a little pot on their own time. However. If you are the mother of a celebrity, and you just wrapped up your pot-growing court case, don't go to a party and get photographed hitting the bong. Aren't you in your 40s anyway, meaning you are waaay too old to be smoking out of a bong regardless? Either way, Ganjaya, let me know when you're going to be in my neck of the woods. I'll be sure to break out the black light and rent a copy of The Wall for us. And I've got this awesome bong where the bottom part is, like, this jester's head? It's sooo trippy. You'll love it.

Sanjaya's Mom Popped for Growing Piles of Pot [TMZ]
Momjaya Starring in the Bong Show [TMZ]

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TheDymond said...

She smokes to forget about her man-hands.

Anonymous said...

You are NEVER too old to smoke out of a bong!