Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Kevin Mitchell dies, Snyder displays emotion in news release form

I thought it worth mentioning that former Skins linebacker Kevin "Not The Baseball Player" Mitchell died (I presume unexpectedly) in his sleep the other night at age 36. He had some nice games with the Redskins a few seasons ago. The play I probably remember him best for is an interception he made in the Redskins end zone to prevent a Baltimore Ravens touchdown and shift the momentum in a game the Skins eventually won. Sorry to see him go.

What was really interesting about the article, though, was the quote from owner Daniel Snyder that appeared in
the AP story:

"Anyone who knew him was touched by his smile, joy for life and love of his family...Anyone who ever played with him or against him never forgot it. He earned our deepest respect."

Wow. Is it just me, or is that a rather touching display from a man who, by and large, doesn't really seem to enjoy being touched? Usually when this happens, the owner says thoughtsandprayers, entire (TEAM NAME) family devasted, thoughtsandprayers, his children and family, thoughtsandprayers, and we're done. But this quote seems like he actually, like, knew the player. Kind of nice. So hey, credit where it's due, Dan. You put out a nice quote there.

Ex-Redskin K. Mitchell Dies [Washington Post]
Former NFL linebacker Kevin Mitchell dies at 36 [Yahoo! Sports]

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