Friday, December 02, 2005

Hot Fake Lix!

Air guitar come to life? I have found my new vocation. Why ever take guitar lessons now? Air guitar is cooler than regular guitar anyway. What's not contained in the article is that the scientists were inspired to create this equipment after repeated viewings of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Question: what about
these guys?

What about
The Rockness Monster, and The Destroyer? Will their combat now require even more skill and precision (if that's even possible)? Or will they be rendered obsolete by the inexorable march of science? Does this machine go against everything that air guitar has ever stood for, like inventing a self-throwing football? Only time......will tell.

I am called The Destroyer. What will become of my people?

I did have one scary thought upon reading it. What if the president got ahold of one of these? We already know
he's aloof in meetings. This could spell disaster.

"Mr. President? It's time for your daily defense briefing."

"Not now! I've almost got this Alan Jackson song down. You go on without me. Iraq can bomb itself."

"Sir, if you're going to play virtual air guitar, might I suggest you try some Van Halen solos, or something else a bit more, ah, ambitious?"

"That sounds like the devil talkin to me. Just for that, your house won't be there when you go home tonight. And close the door on your way out, will you? And call Bill Clinton. Tell him I'm lookin to jam. Mano e mano. Presidento e presidento. Air guitar e saxomophono."

We are sorry, but your services will no longer be required.

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If anyone is looking for that Will Ferrell Bush impersonation, it's here: