Thursday, December 08, 2005

Travis Garrison and the Maryland scrubs - The Wind Beneath My Wings

Travis Garrison, I'm sorry I ever doubted you. When I got my ticket, and I saw your face on the stub, I knew this would be a special night. Even a magical night. Sitting there at the Comcast Center, watching you get 23 and 14 in the Maryland Terrapins' 87-57 win over the Catamounts of Western Carolina, well, it was like a dream. This was your night, Travis! If I may, it was your One Shining Moment.

Never mind that the
Catamounts didn't have any starter over 6'4". Never mind that! I'm still on too much of a Travis Garrison high to mind the details. All those put-backs, and rebounds. Was that Wilt out there? Nae, my friend. Believe it or not, it was just Travis.

And how about those scrubs? I got a chance to witness them all share the same court -
Will Bowers, Parrish Brown, Gini Chukura, and the absolute last guy off the bench, Big Dave Neal. When Neal sank those two garbage free throws with a minute left to put every Terp in the scoring column, well, it got a little dusty in the Comcast Center. Congratulations to all you guys. You may never have your jerseys hanging from the rafters, but you put the toil in and come to work, day in and day out. And truly, you are the engine that makes this basketball team go.

Who wants a piece of Will Bowers? Come get some!

After attending my second game of the season at Comcast Center, I also have a few observations. One, just because you have more places to eat now than you did at Cole Field House doesn't automatically make the food better. Quality over quantity, my friends. Unless you're talking bathrooms. The massive amount of bathrooms at Comcast (there was only one at Cole) is truly delightful. And second, I know this was a creampuff game, but Maryland fans have to wake up. It seems like nowadays, unless it's Duke or Carolina, Comcast just doesn't get rockin. The students are pretty good, but everyone else just sits there. Wake up, people! Tell me we're not becoming a wine-and-cheese crowd. It's almost like the students went too far a while back, and everyone else got embarrassed because of it and are now afraid to be rowdy at all. Or, maybe it's because this venue is so much bigger. Or hey, maybe it was just because it was a creampuff game. Regardless, I hope the situation improves.

But that is an issue for another day. Travis and scrubs, this was your night! A hearty round of congratulations are in order. Huzzah!

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