Monday, December 05, 2005

Iraqis walk out of trial. In other news, snow is white, and water is wet

Earlier today, Saddam Hussein defense lawyers walked out of his criminal trial after concerns that their client (that's Saddam Hussein, the murderous dictator) wasn't getting a fair trial. A little while later, the trial apparently resumed.

The resumption of the trial means one thing: people were prepared for the walk-outs. And kudos to them. Because really, was anyone surprised by this? This is what Iraqis do. Dogs bark. Pilots fly airplanes. Iraqis walk out of legal proceedings. During the country's recent constitutional hearings,
the same thing happened, and it happened before then as well. The people running this trial rightly seemed to have expected something like this, and have rolled with the punches to get the trial back on its feet with minimal interruption. Building walk-out days into Iraqi trial times is like building snow days into a school year schedule. You simply must be prepared.

What?!?! These slacks are not on sale? And this is not the fitting room? This is outrage - I walk out.

Segue. Speaking of snow, the Washington, D.C. area is expected to get three to six inches of the white stuff within the next 24 hours or so. Locals, you know what that means - PANIC!

Winter in Washington: Mommy, what's all that white stuff? Don't look at it, Madison! Run inside and lock the door!

I think I heard tell of a Home Depot in Leesburg that still has some rock salt left. Proceed without caution! That XBOX 360 stampede last week was just a warm-up - this one's for real! SWARM! SWARM!!!

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