Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Welcome to a special Holiday Week edition of "That's Not A Word!"

Thanks and welcome to the second-ever (the first is here) and special holiday-week episode of "That's Not A Word!" Today's contestant is Cameran, the flighty blonde on MTV's Gauntlet II.

As the Real World San Diego veteran stared down the terrifying barrel of some moderate physical effort in the gauntlet, she decided to quit. (This all happened a week ago, so I apologize for being a little slow on the uptake.)

When it was time for the game, she told host T.J. Lavin that she was "sircumbing to the Gods of the Gauntlet." After looking up "sircumb" in the dictionary and finding no entry, it is clear that Cameran is our big winner this week! Cameran from the Real World - THAT'S NOT A WORD!

While you may wish to "sircumb" in the Gauntlet, your prize here on TNAW will be one from which you cannot escape. You'll be in chilly St. Paul, Minnesota, editing third-grade vocabulary and spelling tests for one school year! But before you can do that, you must first learn to speak and spell at a third-grade level! So whenever you can spare a moment from your busy schedule of
teasing men, slacking off, and hosting community college campus pub crawls, you must successfully complete
this spelling challenge! Good luck, Cameran, and may the Spelling Gods be with you!

As for the rest of you, we'll see you on the next episode of "That's Not A Word!"

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