Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bonus: McCray Fallout Continues

After the news broke Monday that the Maryland Terrapins basketball team was losing Chris McCray - arguably their best player - for the rest of the season, the blame game swung into high gear across the area.

As a good coach should, Gary Williams is
trying to take the heat for the situation, even though it clearly has nothing directly to do with him. Meanwhile, Mike Wilbon from the Post lays the blame solely on McCray's shoulders, as does The Baltimore Sun's John Eisenberg.

Speaking of the Sun, they've got
pretty low hopes for the rest of the Terps season. (I still think they can make some noise with Mike Jones, but you knew that already.)

For its part, The Diamondback, the University of Maryland's outstanding daily student newspaper, rightly laments the team's almost comical
lack of senior leadership. Hmmm...where have I heard that before?

But in perhaps the best (and worst) article so far on this, the Post takes the entire recruiting class (and, by extension, the coaching staff) to task by providing
a depressingly extensive recap of all the problems and shortcomings - both on and off the court - that have beset the Maryland basketball class of 2006. Or is that the class of 2002?

Either way, they're leaving after this season. And in the end, and after reading that last article, that seems to be the important part. But while it's depressing for me, it's much more depressing for the guy behind
this site. There goes your get-rich-quick scheme, buddy. But don't worry - is still available. Goterps.

P.S. Sadly, the McCray fallout isn't the biggest story in College Park today, after a 22-year-old student
died in a fire in his off-campus apartment. These apartments, called "Knox Boxes," are familiar party destinations for all Maryland students, and are not exactly known for being the most well-maintained places. A sad story. Maybe it's time they bring those things up to code. They're as old as the hills.

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