Monday, January 09, 2006

Redskins play the respect game

Looks like the team spin is already in full swing for the Washington Redskins' next playoff game, following the exorcism that was Saturday's 17-10 victory over Tampa Bay, who now hopefully will continue their slide back into NFL anonymity, where they belong. I don't know how they got so big and popular anyway. One Super Bowl and a cutey-patootey coach does not a perennial NFL powerhouse create. So go get your fuckin shinebox, Tampa Bay. Pardon my French, but sometimes you just have to drop the f-bomb. And that one felt goooood.

Now on to the business at hand. Many questions remain between now and the Seattle game. No one needs me to point out, yet again, the Skins' measly offensive numbers, the fact that both Washington TDs were directly precipitated by defense (and I haven't seen a defensive performance like that in the playoffs since the 2000 Ravens), the fact that, once again, something looks wrong with Brunell (even when he's playing well, there's a this-can't-last feeling to it), and so on and so forth. But Gibbs is the ultimate sails-adjuster, and I'm pretty confident he'll once again correct for the way the wind is blowing, and right the metaphorical ship before next week's tilt in Seattle.

Speaking of Seattle. Washington Post humor columnist
Tony Kornheiser is right. The Seahawks have no pedigree whatsoever. But that can be a bad thing. They have "we don't get no respect" issues of their own. So that angle will probably cancel itself out. Hey, Seattle. Want respect? Win a playoff game. But hey, I probably shouldn't egg them on (because, you know, they're all reading this). Basically, I think there will be no clear psychological edge in this one (the Skins definitely had the mental edge in the Tampa game). It's going to come down to will, most likely. And health could play a factor (advantage Seattle in that column).

I actually do feel that Seattle gets a bad rap in the media (particularly Shaun Alexander, who is an absolute monster). But if they want respect, they'll have to wait until next year. I think the Skins are going to keep it rolling. Go Skins!

By the way - a note to both of my readers. Anyone know of a really slam-bang bar in the District to watch a Skins game? I know of a few good ones, but am looking for a really, truly great one. Much obliged.


ombudsman said...

I'm looking for a great bar too. Stetson's is towny, rowdy and a good time. That's really all I know.

I'm already nervous for the game. The skins are banged up pretty good. Renaldo Wynn's injury is going to hurt us alot I think, and having Portis and Springs bruised up is not good, obviously. The season is already a resounding success no matter the outcome, but I think I'll be disappointed if the 'skins don't win this one, despite the injuries. Can't lose to a finesse team in the playoffs.

Town E. Dispatch said...


with the way the skins D has been playing of late, they could start any of our college roommates at qb, rb, and wr, and be fine. i expect the NFC champ to be whichever D refuses to flinch among the skins, panthers, and bears. the seahawks d isn't as scary, and i imagine their offense will get disrupted either this week or next.

and LETS GOOOOOOOOO STEELERS. that was classic black and gold, and now we go into 'shock the world' mode for this weeks tilt in indy. see you in detroit.

MSH said...

I don't know...Seattle's offense is a lot tougher than Tampa's, and the Skins D is all the more banged up, while Seattle's been resting. I think the offense is going to have to show up at least a little. More Chris Cooley might be in order (and who's our second WR?). Either way it's gonna be a slugfest, but in the end I think the Skins are more of a slugging team right now than Seattle. I was wrong about the Stillers...props on the big win, even if you only won because of the big injury. That's right - if Chris Henry stays healthy, the Stillers are in a world of hurt.

Stetson's is cool, but isn't there a big, definitive "Redskins bar" somewhere? I'm picturing some place in Georgetown, newspaper clippings and memorabilia on the walls, lots of dark-grain wood, lots of peacoats, lots of draft beer, etc. And I'm not going to no ESPN Zone either. I'm looking for a real bar. It's sad that I can think of two or three Buffalo Bills bars in the DC area, but no honest to goodness Redskins bar. The kind of place an Eagles fan would be scared to enter. This bar has to exist - right?

HAWKFAN!! said...

You east coasters have no damn clue what you are talking about. The Hawks are a much more well rounded football team then your Redskins, who have no chance in this game. The defense cannot focus on stopping one element this game and your secondary is absolutely in shambles. I only hope you all are gracious losers. If were not a football city what the hell are you guys still trying to find a bar to watch a playoff game, PATHETIC!! GO HAWKS!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry homers, your over-hyped defense almost got beat by Chris Simms - CHRIS SIMMS! This week the tables are turned, the 'Skins make the long flight and go down in flames! Final score - Seahawks 27 Redskins 10

MSH said...

We have bars...every bar here is a Redskins bar in a sense. There just aren't many with a Redskins "theme." I don't's complicated...but hey, I grant you that point. There should be more Redskins bars.


Redskins - THREE Super Bowls

Hawks - ZERO Super Bowls

The numbers don't lie. Steve Largent and Dave Kreig were close that one year...errrr, no they weren't. Oh, and didn't the Skins beat you once already this season?

Sorry, but the One-And-Done Hawks have no balls. Talk about guys got to play the 49ers, Cardinals, and Rams TWICE EACH! And why haven't they wrapped up Alexander yet? Now THAT'S pathetic. It's gonna suck for you when the Skins limp in there and out-gut you on your own field. But hey, good luck. I actually don't mind the Seahawks much. I just think they'll lose. Final Score....Skins 24, Hawks 21.

Anonymous said...

Good thing all the guys on those three Super Bowl teams still play for the 'Skins, ain't it? That was then...

Greg said...

You know I was not going to even respond....but I couldnt help myself. I am a complete Seahawks homer that is true. However, I was a Redskin fan before the Hawks came into the league in 1976. I have always remained a Redskins fan all of these years and I love Joe Gibbs. With that being said....I will be at the game this weekend and I have to root for the Seahawks. Look, we have never won a Super Bowl here in Seattle. The Skins have 3. Besides, I wouldn't want to get my ass kicked at Qwest Field rooting for the other guys.

In order to gain respect you have to earn it. The Seahawks have not earned anything yet. I said back after the Hawks beat St. Louis at home that this team seems different this year. They have a certain chemistry both on and off the field that is needed to make a Super Bowl run. I predicted that they were going to the Super Bowl against the Patriots.
Yes, the Hawks defense is not scary. However, they lead the league in sacks and have a propensity for denying teams once they get in the red zone. The crowd will make it difficult for the Redskins to change plays at the line of scrimmage (just ask Eli Manning), and Alexander will get his 100 plus yards and a TD or two. Hasselback is very efficient and dont think that for a minute if the Skins think they can put 8 or 9 guys in the box that Matt cannot exploit that for big yards. Besides Shawn Springs is nothing but a washed up corner who has never lived up to his potential anyway. Brunell is hurt and cannot get out of the way of his own shadow and Portis has two bum shoulders. So now that I have broken down the score....Seattle 27, Washington 10.

Hawk and Skins Fan
In Gig Harbor

MSH said...

Fair enough...nothing to do now but play the game and let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

My prediction (noted above, anonymous) was also 'Hawks 27, 'Skins 10. Here is how the other games will play out (feel free to take these to the bookies and cash in!

Panthers 24
Bears 13

Colts 37
Steelers 17

Broncos 29
Patriots 27