Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Jack Abramoff concerned. You know, for others.

With the Skins in the second round of the playoffs and the Terps going into
Cameron Indoor Stadium tomorrow evening, it's a sports-heavy week here on the No One Appreciates Me Weblog. So, I thought I would take a quick break in this "eye of the storm" to make note of some of the major fallout already taking place in the wake of Abramoff-Gate. It seems that the mighty are falling. Well, some of them anyway.

Jack Abramoff ecstatic.

First of all, the lobbying firm he was associated with
is closing. Huzzah! Don't let the door hit you on the way out, jerks. Also, that bastion of the democratic process, that fulfillment of the founding fathers' dreams, Tom DeLay, has decided not to try and regain his post as House majority leader. This is all good news. A serious house cleaning is in order. This corruption is the kind of thing that gums up the works for everything else. It clogs the pipes. And this case may be the Drano needed to get things moving correctly again.

Jack Abramoff raging.

In still more encouraging news, a recent poll shows that
this is making an impact in the American public. People feel that Congress has too much power, and that it's a bipartisan problem. Interesting. Hey, it's just great to know that people are actually giving a crap about their leaders. And I mean real leaders here, not Paris Hilton ones.

Jack Abramoff feeling a burning sensation.

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