Thursday, January 05, 2006

Welcome to this episode of "That's Not A Word!"

Welcome, welcome to today's episode. When it rains it truly pours, as barely a week after our last contestant, we have a new entrant in the TNAW pantheon. Today's big winner is ESPN college football analyst and general campus heartthrob Kirk Herbstreit. During a SportsCenter segment breaking down last night's outstanding Rose Bowl Game which saw Texas upset juggernaut USC to win college football's national championship, Herbstreit was breaking down Texas quarterback Vince Young's absolutely brilliant performance (he got 467 total yards. Good God!).

Good God! I am so f-ing handsome!

So during his breakdown, Herbstreit said of Young, "you just have to repreciate what he did out there tonight." Flags flew on the play, if you will. We went to the instant replay. We reviewed the tape. We looked up "repreciate" in the dictionary. And guess what Kirk Herbstreit - THAT'S NOT A WORD!

Kirk takes "time out" for the "That's Not A Word!" Dancers. See what winning on this show will get you? Now get out there and lose some brain cells!

Your prize will not be as great as past winners however, for you are by and large a truly good college football analyst, and the ladies seem to like you for some reason. So for your victory today, you will receive "only" a two-month tour of duty proofreading letters to the editor of Bop Magazine!

Congratulations, Kirk! And we'll see YOU next time on "That's Not A Word!"


MSH said...

I'm going to comment on my own blog. I think in that second picture, Herbstreit looks a little like The Dymond.

Train Wreck said...

omg - you are totally right. that's quite odd. Dymond, have you been holding the cheerleaders out on us?