Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Idols and Titles - a Hump Day potpourri

First of all, I want to apologize for temporarily shirking my duties - my blog duties - due to the long weekend and an all-day Tuesday meeting.

Secondly, a belated tip of the cap to the Seattle Seahawks, who as you know
finished off the Redskins last Saturday, 20-10. The Skins were unable to overcome their anemic, one-trick pony offense, while the Seahawks circled the wagons to win after losing NFL MVP Shaun Alexander.

Credit where it's due: D-Jax capitalizes on Skins' banged-up secondary.

It's tough to be too upset about this. One, because honestly, the Hawks were due. But second and most importantly, because the Skins
grossly outperformed expectations this year, and there is reason for optimism - cautious optimism - going into the offseason. We've got some guys injured and we need to make some moves, but I think for the first time in several years, we've got a contender's foundation. Congratulations, fellas.

Now, looking forward, I see Pittsburgh going all the way to win the Lombardi Trophy. They're peaking at the right time, they look tough, they look hungry, and they're a smart football team. I never thought I'd say that about a team coached by Bill Cowher and QBd by Ben "If you got a problem, YO, I'll solve it" Roethlisberger, but it's the truth. If Big Ben and his merry men want to keep proving me wrong, so be it.

Ladies and gentleman, the NFL champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

P.S. For all the local Skins fans looking for a really terrific sports bar in the city, let me formally recommend
Grand Slam. Washington needs more places like this.

Enough about football now. Moving on to American Idol. You know what? I've a good feeling about this little show. I really think it can make it. And the first episode of its new season
debuted last night (what network was that on again?) with the usual cast of whacky characters - bad singers and embittered would-be idols and so forth. It was actually a pretty weak episode, but entertaining nonetheless.

You bitches gonna be sorry you cut me when me sell platiminum records.

After watching pretty much all of every season up to now (and I am not ashamed), here's a couple pointers for future wanna-bes:

1) Don't wear any stupid costumes.

2) Don't peform your own song.

3) Don't snap your fingers into the camera and drink all that Haterade just because you lost. You lost because you are not a good singer. So put the Celine Dion tape down and look in that mirror, girl/boyfriend.

4) Don't wear a T-shirt and sweatpants. If you're not going to break out your nice clothes (and by nice clothes, I don't mean last year's prom dress) during a singing contest being aired on national TV, what the hell are you waiting for? Or, are you just a little imbalanced?

A perfomer tryout? On national TV? Time to bust out that pit-stained T-shirt, dawg!

That is all. I feel good, very good, about this little show that could. NOAM, out.

(Photo credits: AP, Reality TV Magazine, Curlio)


Town E. Dispatch said...


I've been waiting for your playoff insights all week long. Now, you play to my emotions picking my beloved Steelers to go all the way. I'm feeling good. But you let me down with the American Idol talk. Do you seriously watch that show? Why must the nation be transfixed with Karaoke? WHY!?!?!?

Good reading, though your track record of prognosticating successfully has me worried for the black and gold, but we'll get 'er done. This year, we're winning one for the BUS!

MSH said...

I think the Steelers have all the ingredients. Efficient offense, check. Good O-line, check. Nasty defense, check. Sentimental, win-it-for-(BLANK) storyline, check. But yeah, like you said, me predicting them could be the kiss of death.

Yeah, American Idol is basically just a karaoke contest, but some, SOME, of the contestants are actually talented. And there's just the right mix of personality vs. talent, and drama vs. humor. It all works well. That said, if this season strongly mirrors the first episode, this could get ugly. But that's part of the beauty of the show - even when it sucks, it remains watchable for the car-wreck factor. This show is bulletproof.

ombudsman said...

The Washington Post and Washington Times have two very different takes on the Redskins salary cap situation. The Times says we're totally fucked, and the Post says that we will have room whether we cut Arrington or not. The Post goes on to say that there's even a chance, given the right moves, to sign a pricey free agent. Let the real redskins season begin!