Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kim Taepodongs that ass

When discussing North Korea, a common analogy is that of a maladjusted manchild, clamoring for attention over his stronger, more accomplished or more polished peers. But I think there's another, more fitting comparison - a bacteria strain. One that can make you sick - might even seriously damage parts of you - but one that can be treated. However, if the treatment is too strong (like, say, chemotherapy) you risk collateral damage. But if the approach is too weak, you risk the bacteria developing a resistance to your preferred method of treatment.

Which is all a roundabout way of saying that President Bush and his various advisors have a VERRRY delicate call to make in the very near future now that North Korea has test-fired (with, er, mixed success) a series of missiles. With the entire Middle East, China, Russia, Europe, and Bush's political allies, opponents, and electorate looking on, the White House has a razor-thin margin of error, and will have to summon all their powers to make a decision relying heavily on finesse, collaboration, and nuance. In other words, diplomacy. In other words, stuff Bush ain't been too good at. But here's hoping he makes a good decision. North Korea and Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il are a thorn in the global side that must be extricated. I'm pulling for us to pull it out.

Washington Post
- Slate op-ed piece from 2002
on Kim Jong-Il

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