Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hey Nats: does the phrase "shit or get off the pot" mean anything to you guys?

Well, here we are in Day 612 of the Alfonso Soriano Trade Watch. Want to hear some breaking news? General Manager Jim Bowden is working the phones in the hopes of pulling something off. That's a No One Appreciates Me Exclusive, now. Of course, as the Nats attempt to overhaul their roster, pretty much anything not nailed down is for sale, including washed-up pitcher Livan Hernandez. Hopefully the Nats can extricate themselves from his dead arm and deadly contract. It's situations like this when you really wish Isiah Thomas had been a two-sport athlete.

But seriously, this is all very exciting for the Nationals and their fans. But apparently, it is most exciting for Bowden. In
Boswell's column today:

"The fire department is in my office right now hosing down my phone because all it does is burn."
Hey, that's great, Jim. You're an American bad-ass! But in the coming days (Major League Baseball's trade deadline is Monday), instead of talking about it, how about, you know, accomplishing something? Bowden's a great sound byte, I'll give him that, but I am willing to bet money that he won't pull off a major trade this season.

I sure can talk a good game, I know that much...

Some of that isn't his fault. The Chicago White Sox wanting Soriano but refusing to part with young pitching phenom Brandon McCarthy is like that guy in your fantasy football league who keeps trying to trade you Lee Evans for Antonio Gates ("Evans is a wide receiver, man! Gates is just a tight end!"). But still, I bet it won't happen. Watch him pull off some quarter-for-five-nickels trade involving Ramon Ortiz at the 11th hour just to justify his own non-stop gush of cowboy rhetoric.

For my part, I hope they keep Soriano. He said he wanted to be here (at least, before they started auctioning him off like some prize-winning beef steer) and he's freaky good and fun to watch and not even that old. Why not hold onto him? But in any case, these last few days of the trade season are put-up-or-shut-up time for the Nats. Either pull off a trade, or quit yer yappin.

- Washington Post
Boswell's column
- Remember when Bowden
got a DUI a few months back?

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Masterlock said...

i agree bro - bowden is not a very good GM, and has shown in the past to make trades just for the wow factor. as good as soriano has been, this team obviously need some pitching. and, soriano is just too expensive.

the reason they are trying to get rid of him is that they are probably feeling it will cost WAY too much money to sign him this offseason as a free agent...which is why they are trying to get something for him now. but teams are wary of giving up solid players to basically 'rent' soriano for a couple months.

in the end, soriano is a great player, and would be an asset to the Nats if, and a big IF, they can afford him and build for the future with pitching and defense.

a final note - i think bowden blows.

MSH said...

Good analysis. I always forget about the contracts. Maybe they could do a sign-and-trade to get rid of the free agency issue with Soriano. I still think they should keep him. Or else, I don't see any conceivable reason for going to a Nats game in the next 2-3 years. You know, besides an excuse to drink in the afternoon.

Yeah, Bowden kind of sucks. He screwed up the Reds, too. At least the Nats have owners now, so there's some accountability, even though they apparently like Bowden. We'll see how long that lasts.