Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's get crunchy!

So I'm leaving tonight for a weekend of hippie rock. That's right, in the mountains of West Virginia, it's the Allgood Festival! Yes, that's what it's really called. I love how they merged the words "all" and "good" like they wanted to make you believe it was someone's last name or something, but - gotcha! - it's really code for "it is all good," like it's a laidback vibe, man. Ah, hippies. Their global reputation for cleverness does not appear likely to wane anytime soon.

Wow, sister! Did you make that shirt yourself? No way!
It's too beautiful! Just like you, sister. Just like you.

This is the tenth annual renewal of Allgood, and this year's docket features more than 30 of the headiest, crunchiest hippie stoner jam rock bands this nation - nay, THE WORLD - has to offer. I am interested in seeing approximately three of these bands. No wait, strike that - make it four acts that have my interest. It probably goes without saying, but topping my list is the Animal Liberation Orchestra. That's ALO to insiders. It's not really an orchestra if you can believe that. It's just four guys, but they're rocking out....for a cause. And that cause is that all of God's creatures - two legs or four, killed for vittles or for fur - be rescued and safe from consumption, firecrackers, and the like. And the ALO isn't going to stop until everyone has heard this message, and the world is thereby changed. Through music. Hippie music. And hey, if some drugs happen to find their way into the equation, well, so much the better! Don't forget - it's "Allgood," brothers and sisters!

I can see the music!

So personally, seriously, I can't wait. There's no people watching like hippie festival people watching. I can hear the veggie burritos calling me already. And by "veggie burritos," I mean "heavy intoxicants." Hey, just kidding, Mom. I just hope I don't get busted by the pigs. Buzzkill!

Allgood Festival home page
- The official Web page of the
Animal Liberation Orchestra

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(Photo credits: Allgood Festival 2006)


I.P. Daily said...

Whatever, you're just going for Ween. POSER.

MSH said...

No way man. I got into the ALO back in, like, the late 90s. I actually prefer their older stuff to the records they're putting out now. But that happens when you get all mainstream. It used to be all about the animals. Now, it's all about "the music."

Kieran said...

Just dropping by to let you know as usual that I still appreciate you. Especially since you posted that picture of Monica Belucci. She fancies me.