Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nats GM and potential owner: Just your average bunch of drunken Jew-hating dog eaters

I read some crazy stuff about the Nationals yesterday on sports alpha blog Deadspin. First, Nationals General Manager Jim Bowden got arrested for DUI the other night. That I knew. And hey, that's a serious offense, but it happens. What I had forgotten about were his bizarre September 11 comments, comparing a baseball strike to the WTC attacks! So not only is he a horrendous general manager, he's generally a horrendous human being!

What was all new to me, though, was the dirt on Fred Malek, one of the people vying to become the Nationals' new owner. The story on him -- as far as I knew -- was simply that he was a local glitterati who championed Washington baseball. Maybe so, but here's The Rest of the Story: he helped then-President Nixon root Jews out of the federal government.


I will stop at NOTHING to own the Washington Nationals!

You think it ends there? If only it were so. In 1959, he and some buddies got arrested for killing and eating a dog.


So let me get this straight. A Jew-hating dog griller could be the owner of my baseball team? Of course, if Malek becomes the owner, Bowden probably stays. He's got
a track record of working for crazy bigots (remember Marge Schott?).

I've never found myself rooting for
a front-running billionaire more than I am right now. Good God. I need a shower.

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Town E. Dispatch said...

i'd never read it, but holyshit, deadspin has got to be one of the best sports sites on the net. informative and hilarious. good shit.

they don't have the range of 'no one appreicates me' though. i mean, no guest columns from the big redhead (and i don't mean me).

MSH said...

Yeah, Deadspin's rapidly becoming one of my favorite time-killers at work. But they'll never have Bill. He's a tough get--he actually does those columns as a personal favor to me. I sold him a heady veggie burrito once in the parking lot of a Widespread show.