Friday, April 06, 2007

Ahmadinejad: British sailors had Sony guts!

It was a day of merry-making for Britain, as their soldiers returned home after a spot as captives in Iran. Meanwhile Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he could release many more things, half price. Don't walk away! These things he will release, they have Sony guts!

Heeeey. Would I lie to you? Only for you do I do this.

I'm sorry, but I just can't take this guy seriously. He looks like he should be selling imitation handbags and computer parts in the park! Not running a crazy extremist nation. What happened to the days of banging shoes on the table, wagging fingers, hoisting rifles, wearing long beards and black tablecloths, and making bombastic statements about how the West exports Satanism through its oatmeal conglomeration? At least you had a better sense of what you were getting.

But not with this guy. This is the same guy who hosted a
Holocaust denial conference in his country just a few months ago. What? There's a conference for Holocaust deniers now? A freaking conference? Who is this guy? Did they hold it at the Tehran Marriott? (They do a magnificent job over there, you know.) What did they do, have an opening rant and a light continental breakfast before dividing up into breakout sessions? I can see the session headings now: "Where we are: Anti-Semitism in a connected world."

Eventually, the conference crescendoed with its keynote address. Over dilled salmon and roasted new potatoes, attendees listened to Ahmadinejad deliver an energizing presentation. Ah yes. And you know what? The part at the end? When he said the Holocaust had Sony guts? You could hear a pin drop in Ballroom A of the Tehran Marriott. A freaking pin. Someone's getting a very positive review on the evaluation form. Huzzah! Oh, and I'll take the Gucci knock-offs for seven dollars. And not a penny more.

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Daniel said...

why is he mic-ing his dick?

MSH said...

Who do you think is talking?