Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I've a good feeling about this Washington Nationals franchise

First off, props to the Florida Gators for repeating as national basketball champions. Great game last night -- Greg Oden was the best player, but Florida was the best team. They were five young men, functioning as one single unit. They were firing on all cylinders. They refused to lose. They gave 110 percent. They did their talking on the court. These phrases are all copyright MSH 2007. Patent pending.

It's always bittersweet when college basketball ends. I literally mark time in the winter with basketball. It's like a series of irregular but functioning lights leading me out of the forest primeval. Ah, yes. And now, I look back. Happy to be shaking free of winter's cloak, but saddened that I will not gaze upon those lights again until the shadows renew their escape, and I am another summer closer to death.

Hey, speaking of summer, it's baseball season! Opening day was yesterday, and your Washington
Nationals set it off in style with a nifty 9-2 loss to the Marlins. Staff "ace" John Patterson was rocked, no one except Ryan Zimmerman generated any offense, and we lost two starters in Nook Logan and Cristian Guzman. So huzzah. I'm glad we're sticking with Guzman, by the way. He's worth it.

OWWWWW! My knee/ankle/hamstring/

So what if he's a terrible hitter and his body is made of wet tissue paper? It's the intangibles, man. Like when he made lemonade for the whole clubhouse? But then later revealed he had peed in it? That may not have happened, but that's the kind of thing you just can't teach. So spare me your stats, seamheads. Cristian Guzman is a rock of this franchise. I don't know how I can make a stronger case to you people.

So with this season off to such a promising start, Nats fans have one job this year. Kiss Ryan Zimmerman's nether-regions like they are made of vanilla ice cream. We can do that, right? So with that in mind, let us open up the cathedral of baseball, and let the boys of summer take to the emerald chessboard. It is always baseball season...in heaven.

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