Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Former Terp Chris McCray doing gee-golly super job on North Dakota D-league team

As we all know, North Dakota is a basketball hotbed. It's home to serious ballin, son. So it's very gratifying to learn that former Terp Chris McCray is coming off the bench to help the NBDL's Dakota Wizards reach the D-league championship game, where they will take on the vaunted Colorado 14ers. I heard the 14ers have a center who's, like, six-four. Whew. Good luck, Chris.

Chris McCray had a cup of coffee with Milwaukee as well.

As you may recall, Chris McCray was the guy who lost his academic eligibility for the second half of his senior season with the Terps, when he apparently made the bold decision that Playstation was more important than class. So that may have set him back a little bit. But either way, good to see he's still out there making at least some modest headway in a non-Playstation area of life. And in North Dakota no less! The baller's paradise! Darn tootin!

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