Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sanjaya Malakar: this little lady's got all the right moves!

Another week, another episode of American Idol, another round of flummoxed Sanjaya bashing. In a so-illogical-it's-logical move, the judges have actually stopped judging her. They know that if they rip her, the 14-year-olds will flood them with the pity vote. But it's not just the bad singing that turns people off. It's that she doesn't get the joke. Simon sarcastically calls her performance "incredible," and she yells back "welcome to the universe of Sanjaya!" followed by Ryan saying "you really know how to fly under the radar, Sanjaya." Meanwhile, she just grins that big shit-eating grin of hers -- you know, the one that makes her look like she's about to throw up. Somewhere between manic and panic. Quick -- someone hold her hair back!

That's funny how you guys pretend to hate me, hee hee!
This hair product is making me queasy.

I should admit, however, that she looked great in that androgynous suit of hers, singing "Cheek to Cheek" and dancing with Paula. Very clever, girl. You go!

Unfortunately for the haters, however, she'll probably stay around for a few more weeks. Voters usually get it right in the end, but the demographic backing of the other weaker contestants (Haley with the hot-girl vote, Phil with the support-the-troops vote) will probably not prove as strong as the pity vote of the mighty Sanjaya. But eventually, she'll end up on the chopping block. Once the teeny boppers and old ladies have to choose between Sanjaya and Jordin Sparks, they'll shape up. In the meantime, enjoy! Because this little lady's got the goods.

Send In the Clowns. Don't Bother, Sanjaya's Here. [Washington Post]

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Joshua said...

That's seriously a girl? All I know of American Idol is muted highlights on Headline News here at work, and I swear to god that was just a reeeeeeeally gay dude. Takes all sorts, I suppose.

MSH said...

Nah, he's a guy. But he actually acts more like a woman than he does a gay man...I see a transgendering in his future more so than an outing...