Friday, April 13, 2007

Has anyone ever heard of a Don Imus?

I was reading through the newspaper just now, and happened upon a rather prominently placed story indicating that a guy named Don Imus was fired for, like, making racist comments or something? Huh.

Let me fill you in. He had this radio show, right, but last week he apparently made some insensitive remarks about a basketball team? He said the team was unkempt, and then he questioned their purity! If someone happens to come across the exact wording of his comment, I'd love to hear it. Maybe we send away for the transcript?

Who is this? Florence Henderson? Bea Arthur? I wanted
a photo of Don Imus!

And today, the basketball team apparently has forgiven him. I bet Don was upset that they waited until after he was fired to forgive him. He looks like a fairly surly fellow. Well, except for the 1950s housewife hairdo. That's just effeminate.
But anyway, maybe Don will get to do his show in another market, where they've never heard of him before? You know, start fresh. I think that's in everybody's best interest. Just get away. A word to the wise, Don: This is the kind of thing where, if it gets out, the national media could have a feeding frenzy. You wouldn't want the world knowing what a racist jackass you are, would you? Your budding radio career could really take a hit. I'm just saying. Something to think about.

Don Imus Is Fired by CBS Radio [Washington Post]
Rutgers coach says Imus' apology accepted [CNN]

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(photo credit: David Karp -- Associated Press)

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