Thursday, August 17, 2006

Allen: I have many friends named Macaca!

So it looks like the damage control gears are in full swing over in George Allen's camp after his somewhat totally insane and sort of completely racist outburst the other day.

Not long after his people realized the problem wasn't going away, they did what any responsible political camp does when under fire - they put out a press release. I quote:

I made up a nickname for the cameraman, which was in no way intended to be racially derogatory. Any insinuations to the contrary are completely false.
A Post reporter also found an Indian man willing to go on record saying Allen "has been an incredible friend to Indians."

To which Allen replied: "You see? You should all listen to Macaca here. Right, Macaca? Macaca, tell them about all the great things I've done for you people. Macaca is just one of my many Indian friends, who are all also named Macaca."

Allen then added that he has many Afro-American friends named Tyrone, many Jew friends named Hymie, many Spainard friends named Frijoles, many Mic friends named Paddy, and many Oriental friends named Ching. And many waspy friends named George.

But for whatever reason,
the debate still rages. As for me, what else is there to say? Allen for Senate!

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