Friday, August 18, 2006

Welcome back to That's Not A Word!

Hello, hello, and welcome back for another episode of "That's Not A Word" -- the game show that gives fabulous prizes to television and other personalities for misusing or downright inventing words, right on the air! It's a very special talent, and we have very special prizes to match!

My, my, sure has been a while since we last played our favorite game show. It's funny how there are so many fewer TNAW episodes when it's not football season...but anyway, today's contestant is Weather Channel meteorolgist
Nicole Mitchell.

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Say hello to today's contestant!

Nicole offers extremely helpful tips and forecasts for the everyday business traveler during the Your Weather Today program. Don't you Nicole? Yes, indeed, you do. Today, she offered some workout pointers for hotel guests, saying they were great ways to keep up your "exercise regime" on the road. While "regime" is certainly a word, it's completely and utterly wrong in this instance, so, Nicole Mitchell, THAT'S NOT A WORD!

While "regimen" - the word you were surely searching for - means "a system, as of therapy or diet," the word "
regime" means "a government in power," and often implies a hostile or dictatorship style of rule. There is a twist - try, very hard, to stay with me, Nicole. While "regimen" can also mean "govermental control," "regime" can not mean "system of therapy or diet." Got it? Terrific!

Now, so that you will never confuse these two again, your fabulous prize issss.......a six-month stay under a real, hard-line regime! That's right - we're sending you off to beautiful Iran! You'll predict the weather each day for this largely arid and theocratic nation, and you will be perky as you do so. Forecasts call for hilarity!

So thank you so much for playing Nicole, and we'll see YOU next time on That's Not A Word!

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I.P. Daily said...

That meteorolgist is a piece of asteroid if you get my meaning.

Anonymous said...

Before you go off on someone, you might want to recheck your dictionary. From my dictionary; regime: (4th useage) a regulated system, as of diet; a regimen. Regime and Regimen come from the same root, so only an idiot would think one would apply and not the other. And speaking of you being an idiot...she has also talked about serving with the military in the Middle East. Maybe you should be the one to go to Iran and see what it's like to serve your country instead of bashing people on a meaningless blog.