Thursday, August 24, 2006

Coming soon, White Men Can't Jump 2: We just took out the white man and called it "Crossover"

So there's a movie about some basketball players, hustling and trying to make it in the hard, hard world of streetball. It's kill or be killed out here, son. Here's the story: there's these two guys, right, and one of them goes onto the courts and says "I challenge two of you fools to a game of...streetball. And just to make it fair for you chumps, I'll beat you with...with...that geeky guy over there!" Everyone cracks up. Is he serious, dog? But guess what? Are you ready for this? The geek and the other guy were in cahoots! Can you believe it? They're hustlers, man!

Welcome to the new...the totally

This ain't no horseshoes, playboy. That's like the tagline.

Yeah, this is Crossover, a totally new creation.
Now give me that Woody Harrelson-lookin
motherfucker and I'll still whoop all your asses.

I would tell you who's playing Wesley Snipes and who's playing Woody Harrelson, but the "cast and crew" section (along with the "production notes" section) of the movie's official Web site is not ready yet. It just says "coming soon" when you try to click on it.'s still a whole week until the movie opens. Things like a functioning Web site are probably not that important. The important part is how many times studio security had to give the Taser to Rosie Perez to convince her she was too old to reprise her role as the sassy, sultry Gloria Clemente. I'll bet that was fun.

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