Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Busy day for D.C. sports scene

Lots going on in the local sports world yesterday, both good and bad, including lots of injury news and a local media guy breaking into rarefied air. Biggest news, though, of course, is that Redskin RB Clinton Portis is now "uncertain" for the start of the NFL regular season. And that just sucks. I knew training camp was going just a little too smoothly. And now, here's the other shoe dropping. Portis' injury bascially amounts to the shoulder popping out of the socket for a second, which is quite painful and leads to the arm basically being useless for about a week afterwards and weakened for a long time. This same injury used to happen to me (it's call subluxation) fairly regularly. I couldn't even get my arm up on the keyboard for days after the injury.

The face of the franchise is sidelined and unhappy

Anyway, I don't buy Portis' complaint that he shouldn't have been out there. Yesterday, he said:

I don't know why myself or any other player of my caliber would be playing in the preseason. I don't know what's the question. I think over the last four years, I've done enough to show the world I'm going to be ready for the season.

No question he's an elite player, but he was only in there for one freakin series! One. He carried the ball one time. It's not like he was Jason Sehorn, out there covering kickoffs. So, sorry, Clinton, but no sale. Maybe next time you should dress up as Shoulderlicious the Disgruntled Cadillac Salesman. That could help drive your point home more strongly. But either way, he's a true pro. I know - I hope - he'll be able to be there when they need him.

In other Skins news, they
traded WR Taylor Jacobs to the 49ers for CB Mike Rumph. All I have to say about that is, WOO-HOO! The Redskins are stacked at receiver and thin at corner. And Taylor Jacobs gets injured if the sun shines on him the wrong way. I know Rumph is injury prone, too, but seeing as how we got more for Jacobs than, say, a bag of leg warmers, I'm calling this one a steal.

Taylor Jacobs prepares to board a plane for his new home in San Fran. Good luck, 49ers!

Third on the docket is the unfortunate groin strain of Gilbert Arenas, the Bullets' star guard and the NBA's most underrated player. This means he'll miss the World Basketball Championships, which really is a shame. Here's hoping he'll make a future world team, and heals up in time to start the regular season and disprove the notion that he's LeBron James' bitch. Get well, Gilbert.

Last but absolutely not least, the Post's own Tony Kornheiser debuted last night as a Monday Night Football commentator. While he's clearly picking up philosophically where Dennis Miller left off, Tony is different in that he's not afraid to dissent. The Post gave him
a pretty bad review, but I saw inklings of that trademark Kornheiser irrascibility. When QB Aaron Brooks was 0-4 after the first quarter, and Joe Theismann began his customary defense of crappy quarterbacks, Tony said, point-blank "those are bad numbers! Come on!" Miller basically just used big words to rephrase whatever Al Michaels said, and in boring times of the game got into the insufferable habit of repeatedly plugging various corporate sponsors. I expect TK to turn the volume up on that voice of dissent - hopefully without becoming abrasive. Overall, I thought it was a pretty solid debut, and I'm not even much of a Kornheiser fan.

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Masterlock said...

I agree on Kornholer. Solid reviews across the country - check out Deadspin for a rundown on the NY Post, AP, USA Today, etc... Can't believe the Post thought he was bad. Theisman is the jackass - most joe viewers know this. I thought tony was solid w/out being too obnoxious. a good start. and OAK - jeezus, they suck. how could you not bring up their shitty play, esp Brooks. when commentators like Theisman rave about how good a guy like brooks is, it makes me want to turn off the game. which i did at approx 8:55 last night. ha-

Masterlock said...

here is the link for Kornholer:


also, most agree with you on Portis. I do as well sir.


MSH said...

Yeah, I actually didn't watch a lot of the game, but you don't have to watch a lot to know Aaron Brooks is terrible. He's terrible. He sucked all the way back at UVA. I don't know how they thought Aaron and Randy were going to co-exist in any meaningful way. And now, still in the preseason, there's Randy blowing up on the sideline and talking about how much he'd like Andrew Walter to be his quarterback. I'm not the world's biggest Theisman fan (By the way, did you know he changed the pronunciation of his last name in college as a marketing stunt? He switched it from THEES-man to THIGHS-man so it would rhyme with the Heisman Trophy). But he's a Skins legend, and a lot of other announcers have the same problem he has - glossing over crappy play, being really, REALLY satisfied with themselves, being humorless, etc. That's not a Theisman-specific disease.

Thanks for those links...saw the Portis and TK stories on Deadspin after the fact. I love Portis though...DC needs a guy like that.