Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Congratulations, Natalie Gulbis. You are ALMOST hot!

Professional women's golfer Natalie Gulbis has earned a cool $600,000 on the LPGA tour with six top-10 finishes. Sweet. But that's not why she's popular. She's popular because the LPGA is obsessed with marketing the players they think are hot. The only problem is, they don't really have any legitmately Hot players. So they market the ones that are Beer Goggles Hot, or Hot For A Woman Golfer Hot, or She'd Be Hot if She Got A Nose Job Hot, or Don't Get Me Wrong I'd Hook Up With Her And All It's Just That She's Not Actually Hot Hot, or Maybe With A Bag Over Her Head Hot. You know, whatever they have lying around.

Meh...I'd hit it. I guess. What's on Food Network?

Gulbis is just the latest in a long chain. To wit:

Carin Koch

Paula Creamer

Karrie Webb

Michelle Wie

Annika Sorenstam

I respect and understand what the LPGA is trying to do, but come on. This is not tennis. I repeat, LPGA. You are NOT tennis. Get your own thang. Maybe start one of those Real Women Campaigns or something.

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[Golf for Women]
- Dove soap and their
[Campaign for Real Beauty]

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Masterlock said...

gulbis is a hottie - no debate please. that sorenstam pic is scary...can you say roids?

MSH said...

Yes, absolutely. I'm with you 100 percent. ALMOST hot. And it's NOT up for debate. Word up, brother.

I disagree with you on Annika, though. Whenever a woman has muscle striations between her breasts, it just gets me hot. Correction. ALMOST hot.

masterlock said...

i take natalie. you can have anika. good luck with that.