Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Why build a team when you can just write a check?

Well, you could tell Daniel Snyder's trigger finger was gettin itchy. With Clinton Portis out for the rest of the preseason, that left the Redskins' preseason running back depth dangerously low. After Ladell Betts, and Rock Cartwright, and Mike Sellers (three players with substantial NFL experience), there was no one left. Danger! Danger! So Snyder did what he is often wont to do - he made a panicky move, signing oft-injured Falcons platoon back T.J. Duckett -- a player with only one year left on his contract -- for a third-round pick. Hey, draft picks aren't important anyway, right? Nevermind that after this season, Duckett will leave and we'll have nothing to show for it except one less draft pick. But we'll worry about that tomorrow. In the meantime, keep fiddling, grasshopper. It is The American Way!

Our preseason depth is STACKED now. What a relief!

After all, our last two fake games of the season are against New England and potentially rejuvenated Baltimore. That's brutal, man! And those benches aren't going to warm themselves. This is the big-time, baby! This is the preseason! And truth be told, we could use Duckett's historical two yards a carry. That's worth a draft pick. I know
Betts had the coaches' support. But screw that whole stick-by-the-guys-who-have-paid-their-dues crap. Because in the end, who once scored two touchdowns for Snyder's fantasy team? T.J. Duckett. Did Ladell Betts ever score two touchdowns for Daniel Snyder's fantasy team? No. No, I thought not. Case closed, jerks.

We didn't do this your way -- we did it the Redskins Way. Write a check, deal with the bill collector later, and screw team chemistry. Look what we've done since Snyder came. Who, I ask you, can argue with a track record like that? Maybe next we'll hire Jim Brown to a $10 million contract to be the running game coach. I see no downside to that. Go get 'em, Danny.

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ombudsman said...

Gotta place some of the blame on Gibbs too. He's the GM. I really don't like this, especially after what Mike Sellers did with his carries in the last game. Didn't we also draft like 3 fullbacks last year? Where is Nemo? But, if Duckett can consistently pick up those 3rd and shorts then you'd have to say it's worth it. We've been missing that since Stephen Davis left.

Masterlock Jr. said...

lots of sports talk show guys talking about this one today...and how it really makes no sense whatsoever. i'd have to agree. and as high as they were on betts just adds to the confusion. Portis will be fine by week 1, and betts and sellers could handle short yardage.

heard though that the skins will be coming up on some salary cap issues next year when big contracts (Portis for one) come due. they will almost certainly have to re-structure his deal. if things get messy, and Portis is out, then Duckett is a safety net in some respects.

still, though, not the best move for a team that needs to draft young, good, CHEAPER players and develop them instead of overpaying for veterans.

MSH said...

This is why it's so hard to get pumped up for a Redskins season lately. No matter their momentum, they just can't seem to get out of their own way, on the field and off. It's like they hand out giant clown shoes to everyone who joins the organization.

Now I hear that the Broncos will get third AND fourth round picks from Washington as a minimum, and that that could go up. Great.

ombudsman said...

3rd and 4th? What a joke. *sigh*