Thursday, August 17, 2006

I was trying to ignore this, but...

Since it was on the ESPN ticker last night, I guess it isn't going away. LONNY! LB! What happened, buddy?!?!? Say it ain't so! Arrested for shooting a gun near the White House? Held without bail? What the hell?

Lonny (right) at the White House, in happier times.

At least nobody was hurt. But consider the location. That thought leads me to my most pressing question: who was Lonny trying to shoot near the White House? I'm assuming there was no political motive, as firing a pistol toward the White House from the street will accomplish nothing except, you know, getting you arrested. And it's not exactly a population-rich area over there, especially after work hours on a week night. No seedy nightlife or shady neighborhoods. Were you just blowing off steam, LB? Squeezing off some rounds? Well, your hobbies are your own business, but I've heard of these shooting places called "ranges" where the firing of a gun is a little less, you know, felonious. But good luck all the same getting out of jail. I'll be supporting you in spirit. Unless it turns out you're some kind of crazy criminal. Which at this point seems entirely possible.

- Athlete Arrested on Gun Charge [
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(got the photo from Deadspin, by the way)

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