Wednesday, August 16, 2006

J.J. Redick: I'm out of words for you

J.J. Redick doesn't need haters pointing out he's a tool. He does a great job on his own. So I'll just step out of the way and let the "man" speak for himself.

The results of J.J.'s official NBA rookie photo shoot:

Now, jazzhands, J.J.!

By the way, remember
his poetry? Or when he got a case of the sniffles? You're the living end, J.J. You are the living end.

- NBA Rookie Gallery []

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Brett said...

I think he looks great!

School Master P said...

I'm a teacher in NC and an NC State fan. This past season, I discovered that one of my absolute favorite students, who is also a State fan, had temporarily "suspended" her main loyalties in favor of Duke because she was so in loooooove with J.J. Subsequently, I discovered there was a gaggle of such girls at my school, for whom J.J. was THE matinee idol of the moment. They told me what verse of scripture he recited before each free throw, and how he never would have been at that soccer party if he had known people would be smoking pot. They wanted none of my "what a load of crap" opinions on the subject. Never try to stand in the way of teenage girls and their dreamboats, I guess.

So that picture might be very popular with a certain (intended?) audience.

Love your blog, btw. Got it bookmarked.

MSH said...

Yes. I am sure that when J.J. got his DUI a few months ago, it was all a mix-up over Communion wine.