Wednesday, August 09, 2006

At this point of the summer, the work week just needs to get out of the way

Ahhh, August in Washington. Time to tip down the straw hat, put a weed in my mouth for chewin, and lean back in the old easy chair. Maybe I'll pick my nose a little bit when no one's looking. With Congress out of session, it becomes almost hip to go on vacation and just generally not be at work. As if everybody's job is just sooooo important and soooo intricately linked to politics that their job grinds to a halt if they can't get Senator So-And-So on the phone.

There's just one catch, though. I just got a job promotion. But as Derrick Coleman once said, whoop-de-damn-do! Not only do I have more work, it's a more annoying brand of work, with more moving parts and smaller tasks. It's not good times. It'll be cool eventually, though. I guess I just need to adjust.

Anyway, it is at this point of the summer when the work week starts to become an annoyance - a mere roadblock between huge weekend plans. Last weekend, a bunch of friends and I did our annual crab feast, complete with drunken arguments and unclaimed vomit. My friend also broke the host's koi pond. Don't ask me - I think he just stepped in it. I know what you're thinking at this point. And you're right. With us, it's all about the food. Crabs are the star of the crab feast.

And this weekend, we're going to do it up again. My good friend and blog commenter BK is having a joint bachelor party with another childhood friend that should be a rollicking good time. And by "rollicking good time," I mean "hazily remembered series of inappropriate and potentially regrettable sexual encounters." But there's going to be kayaking, so, you know, that's a good alibi. We'll spend 20 minutes sitting in the kayaks and the rest of the time taking lemon drop shooters from between the breasts of moderately priced Baltimore escorts. But when I return to my to-do list on Monday, I can say "oh, yeah, great weekend. I went kayaking." And can re-insert my nose onto the grindstone with a clear conscience. I gotta say - we've got partying down to a science. And in the summer, it goes to another level.

Now if I can just find the time to work on that whole becoming-independently-wealthy thing.

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