Friday, September 15, 2006

Bush: We don't want to "rewrite" the Geneva Conventions. We just want to rewrite them.

Facing a schism in his own party, and with midterm elections looming, Bush is plugging his idea for a law that would "clarify" part of the Geneva Conventions articles, so that America could continue to jail and interrogate terror suspects without access to lawyers, a day in court, the ability to review the evidence against them, etc.

And I say, have at it, Bush. Screw the fact that the world (well, the civilized part of it, anyway) has used
the Geneva Conventions as a way of humanely dealing with war prisoners and such since the end of World War II. It took Bush's razor-sharp eye for legislative and regulatory details to finally reveal this ambiguity in the statutes. Good lookin out, George. After all, a man once said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

Bush has read the Geneva Conventions through 15 times.
And he has found a point in need of clarification.

Never mind that John McCain opposes this Bush proposal. McCain was only held and tortured in Vietnam for, what, five years? Now take that, and compare it to Bush's military legacy. Go ahead - compare. I'll wait. Okay, welcome back. Also, never mind that Colin Powell (*coughpussycough*) and some four-star Army general with 46 years of service (*coughgeezercough*) are opposing Bush on the grounds that America should continue to "uphold the values it was founded on," and other mealy-mouthed crap like that. You can't kowtow to these freedom lovers, Bush. After all, you've got our freedom to think about.

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I.P. Daily said...
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I.P. Daily said...

I agree. It's time we disregard the work done by mental midgets like Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. These men knew nothing of the complicated matters of war and international diplomacy. It is obvious that our current supreme commander holds the keys to success.

MSH said...

Amen...I'm just glad we're all finally waking up to this reality.