Friday, September 22, 2006

I think Summer Sanders is asexually procreating...not that I'm complaining

Have you noticed this phenomenon? Frightening and alarming, to be sure. So don't look now, and don't make any sudden movements, but Summer's Spawn are all around you. BEWARE!

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Summer Sanders. Or, as I call her, The Mother Pod.

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Primary offspring
Bonnie Bernstein

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ESPN brings in
Erin Andrews...and the march of the hot asexual clones continues unabated!

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For the latest and hottest Summer Sanders clone prototype, codename
"Jill Wagner", the time has come to branch out from the world of sports and infiltrate the larger society. "You've got to put Mercury on your list!" she cries. With a side, perhaps, "Jill," of FREAKY SCIENCE GONE AWRY???


meathead said...

NOAM - sounds like youre trying to keep the wife from getting jealous. Don't lie , you know youre asexually procreating with all of these ladies. I surely would. My vote is for Jill Wagner, she is a hottie!

Vince said...

Erin Andrews had a wrap top on a couple weeks ago that officially made her the hottest football chick ever - but I have put Jill Wagner on a different list...

If these chicks are asexual, what do you need to see to get aroused?

MSH said...

They're not asexual by nature...they're just reproducing asexually because they all look kind of alike.