Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The following football announcer phrases are hereby banned:

The following phrases are inane and overused by football announcers, and are thus banished to the cosmos:

1) "Bounce it to the outside"

2) "Terrell Owens"

2) "That pass had some mustard on it"

3) "This is what it's all about"

4) "They have some road graders on that offensive line"

5) "This team is struggling as of late"

6) "I talked to so-and-so yesterday"

7) "They have some real horses up front"

8) "They just don't have the horses up front"

9) "put the ball on the ground"

10) "So-and-so is really gonna hear about that one in the film room next week."

11) "I love Brett Favre. Sexually."

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1 comment:

Masterlock Jr. said...

"Paydirt." That stupid effin word should be eliminated from everyone's memory by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones with that flashy thing used in MIB.