Thursday, September 14, 2006

Whitney leaves Bobby - what's left to believe in?

I apologize if I'm not myself this morning. But the news that Whitney Houston has left Bobby Brown has hit me like a ton of bricks of cocaine. After all, I thought these two lovebirds were in it forever! Just Whit and Bob, against the world. Against those fools in the media, who never understood.

Your love is my love: Whitney and Bobby in happier times, just wasted with love.

They did everything they could, the jealous media and public did, to break them up. They went so far as to
accuse Bobby of cheating. But that can't be the case, haters. Oh, no, it cannot. Because where are the receipts? If Bobby was cheating on Whitney, then there would be receipts! Where are the receipts? I thought as much, vis a vis your lack of receipts. Just admit your mistake, people! Be grown-ups and admit your mistake, and your jealousy. God will forgive you!

But now that the public has won -- and CONGRATULATIONS, public, I HOPE THAT YOU ARE HAPPY -- what is left for this lonely little dreamer to believe in? What do I have left? To quote a famous Whitney line, I have nothing. Nothing. NOTHIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

Whitney Houston, Husband Split [CNN]
Bobby Brown Slams Tamala Jones 'Proposition' Accusation [FemaleFirst]

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(photo credit: Associated Press/CNN)

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I.P. Daily said...

I knew that marriage was in trouble when the had to SELL THEIR HOME. I'm intiutive like that.