Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush: The American people have spoken. We will stay the course.

First of all, I would be remiss if I didn't give the Democrat party their just desserts. Congratulations, Democrat party. Enjoy your little day in the sun.

But when it's over -- and I hate to break up your little California love-in here -- you'll realize what the American people have truly mandated. That we must stay the course in Iraq and at home. Stay the course. We must stay the course. And that's not me talking. That's the entire nation. Except the gay part. They are jealous of our heterosexuality. Ever notice that Nancy Pelosi is from a gay district? Hey, I'm just connecting dots here, people.

So anyway, don't give me your "but we
won control of the house and potentially the Senate" or "Bush's style of leadership has been soundly rejected." This is just another test, people. All the haters have reared their jealous heads, and to them I say "bring it on."

Want to know what's REALLY happening in America? Priorities. And we'll tell you about those priorities when we're damn good and ready. Want to come to the bargaining table, Democrats? Well, don't look under the tablecloth. Because we will NOT be hiding under there.

This just boils down to public support. You're either with us, or against us. If you're with us, welcome to the winning team. Anyone against us? No? I don't hear you, la la la la la la stay the course la la la la la.

Democrats Take House [Washington Post]
A Voter Rebuke for Bush, the War, and the Right [Washington Post]


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