Friday, November 17, 2006

Let me take you to Sadville: George Michael signing off

Although I always heard that he was widely considered an insufferable jerk, it is still a loss for the Washington sports media community that local NBC sports anchor George Michael (you may also know him from the nationally syndicated Sports Machine program) is hanging up his spurs.

For better or worse, George Michael
was a sports institution in Washington.

He'll still do some local stuff, but it won't be the same. His introduction of sports highlights with the signature line "let me take you to so-and-so location" (Let me take you to RFK Stadium! Let me take you to Jacksonville! Let me take you to Brisbane!) was always a delight. So he couldn't ever pronounce the players' names correctly. So what? He's had some health problems lately (cancer, and last year one of his horses kicked him all to pieces, no foolin), so here's hoping he enjoys himself in his golden years.

George Michael to Drop Anchor Chores, Continue Weekend Sports Panel Shows [Washington Post]

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