Monday, November 06, 2006

Redskins Update: more Kool-Aid, anyone?

Good to be back after a two-week absence...and what better time to get back into the swing of things? HUGE election coming up tomorrow, Wizards season just kicking off, and yesterday the Redskins beat the Cowboys to avoid the sweep and the notion that their season is so far a total and unmitigated disaster.

True to form as always, the Redskins are now entrenched between steps 5 and 6 of
my general season prediction from a couple months ago. The Redskins eked out a victory in thrilling fashion (led by local folk hero Nick "The Kick" Novak), but hey, that could have gone either way. Nevertheless, Redskins fans are FREAKING OUT! THIS IS THE GREATEST REDSKINS TEAM EVER ASSEMBLED! Sorry for not following the mob, but that was a crappy win. Excitingly crappy, but crappy nonetheless. With the Cowboys granting like 500 penalty yards and Troy Aikman repeatedly harping on "missed opportunities" like he was giving a Nobel lecture, the Redskins were like a tomato can boxer being held up by his opponent.

But it doesn't matter. Today the chat boards are alive with giddy people praising Brunell and all the others. And the media, while not going completely overboard, is still inching back onto the bandwagon. The Washington Post says "there's a bit of hope" for them yet. And insufferable Sportstalk 980 cheerleader Doc Walker said on the postgame show yesterday: "Don't be surprised if this team gets the last laugh." Actually, Doc, I think I'll still be surprised, but thanks anyway. Let's see if they can get back to .500. You know, winning as much as they lose? Then maybe I'll break out the champagne and plastic sheeting.

Nice Change in Sequence [Washington Post]
For Novak, a bit of job security [Washington Post]

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