Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Terps are undefeated -- RIOT!!!!

Had a chance to see the Terps in person last night, as they overwhelmed Winthrop, 71-60. Not a huge, life-changing win, but like St. John's, Michigan State, and Vermont, it's another good, solid W. After all, Winthrop just beat Mississippi State and scared UNC. They'll be in the tourney for sure.

Ekene Ibekwe led the Terps, as is becoming the custom, and James Gist and Eric Hayes gave nice efforts on a night when D.J. Strawberry and Mike Jones weren't making their shots.

Once again, however, the biggest revelation is Bambale Osby (apparently known as "Boom" to the fans). The junior transfer finished with 14 points and seven boards.

Boom's Olan Mills
portrait: The Wallet Size

Even sitting in literally the highest row of seats in the Comcast Center (as I was) you could see how soft (dare I say Baxteresque) his hands are, and how hard he hustles up and down the court, on defense, and after loose balls. I'm glad he's getting more PT. Not just because he's contributing, but because it means Will Bowers is not on the court as much. That's important.

Terps Lower "Boom" [Baltimore Sun]

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TheDymond said...

It's still early, but I really like the way they're playing so far. Seems like there's a new intensity that wasn't there before.