Friday, November 17, 2006

Recap of The Office, season 3, episode 8

(If you haven't seen this episode yet, titled "The Merger," watch the highlights here)

So all these people from the Stamford branch of Dunder Mifflin moved into the Scranton branch after a series of unfortunate events closed the former while sparing the latter. I'm not sure where all the extra desks and cubicles came from (and they never really addressed it), but it was cramped in there to start with. What gives?

Speaking of, er, loose ends in the storytelling, Jim comes back along with the rest of the Stamford folks and is greeted by an ecstatic Pam. But then Jim is cold to her. But wait...wasn't he completely in love with Pam like four months ago? What changed? I know he's dating the hot girl from Stamford (nicely done), but are his feelings for that girl so strong that he has forgotten about Pam? And when did they start dating, by the way? And does he know that Pam broke off the wedding? I know the show isn't omniscient about its characters because it ostensibly only knows what the characters tell the "documentary" filmmakers, but still. It felt weird to have to accept the fact that Jim was completely cold to Pam, for no particularly strong reason. It seemed like they just did it to establish the love triangle, and they'll address reasons later. Screw that.

The rest of the episode was funny, although Dwight continues on his downward spiral to Crazy Town. Some of the best comedy was provided by Steve Carrell buddy and fellow Daily Show alumn
Ed Helms, who plays a kindred spirit to Carrell's Michael Scott. That's gonna be a funny pairing. I also like how they are slowly establishing Ryan to be an asshole loser. Better he be that than a Jim rip-off, which would be kind of boring.

So overall, good episode, if a little sloppy around the edges. I just hope Pam is able to recover from her dissing. My prediction: she gets drunk and sleeps with the hangdog ex-fiance within the next three episodes. Then it will really get interesting.

The Office Episode Recap: "The Merger" []

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frisbeebk said...

Wo Wo Wo! Wait just a minute there big boy. In a previous blog you declared your hope that this show would not turn into a Jim/Pam love thang. About 75% of the blog was all about part of the story line. Have some hooks been planted in your cheek!? Anywho I think that he was so cold to her since he put his cards out on the table and she did not bite (typical man) and the continuing battle they both have hiding there true feelings. Sorry about all the fishing references in here but I am going fishing tomorrow morn.

Masterlock Jr. said...

agree with frisbee. tell me you wouldnt dis her if you went all out and got rejected? i would, effin slut.

i think its a perfect way to work this jim/pan reunion. also, he did show some signs of life at the end of the episode in the parking lot.

MSH said...

I see your points...but it just seemed to come out of left field. And I still don't know whether it was ever clearly established if Jim knew about the wedding being off or not. It just seemed clunky. But I hear what you're saying.