Thursday, February 16, 2006

American Idol finally gets some hotties

Well, the most popular show on TV has named its finalists. And there's one major and noteworthy improvement from previous seasons. Back to that in a second.

Despite the naysayers, there are a lot of reasons to like American Idol, because there are so many different ways to watch it. You can laugh, cry, scream, appreciate the good, ridicule the bad, watch for the contestants or watch for the judges. You can delight in the early car-wreck auditions, enjoy the Hollywood group drama, and participate directly in the show by voting off indivdual contestants when the "real" competition gets rolling.

But up until this year, the show was lacking in one enjoyability factor: Where were all the hot girls?

Well, I believe someone got wise this year. Because it's an embarrassment of riches! There has been some decent eye candy in past seasons - 2005's
Lindsey Cardinale and D.C.'s own Tamrya Gray from season one come to mind - but NOTHING like this year. So how's about a little round-up.

Let's start with the smoking hot
Kellie Pickler. I couldn't find any good photos of her, but trust me, she's like the Barbie doll you imagined during all those nasty boyhood tea parties come to life. She's serious. Then there is the slut-o-rific and delightfully named Heather Cox, who seems primed for an "after hours" career once Idol fans vote her off.

Either one of those two (especially Pickler, who has
won beauty pageants) could easily have earned the title of hottest female finalist in American Idol history. But it was not to be. Because every now and then, the homo sapien species sees fit to produce a mutant specimen that crosses the beauty threshold into drop-dead gorgeous territory. I'm talking forget-your-own-name, walk-into-a-stop-sign gorgeous. And this year, we've got one - and we almost had two! That's right, I'm talking about the ridiculous Becky O'Donohue. And what's even crazier...she has a freaking twin! (The twin, Jesse, also showed up, but couldn't sing due to a recent surgery. Dammit!) I mean, look at them! I remember they came in to audition together, and Simon and Randy (neither of whom are strangers to hot girls) were both floored. Randy seemed barely able to speak, and a gape-mouthed Simon stammered something along the lines of "looking the way you do, I don't think you even need this competition."

These twins are...what was I saying? Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa........

So there you have it. May the hottest woman win. What is this, after all. A freaking singing contest?

(Photo Credit: R&L Models)


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